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Data culture / Data Extraction / Data Analysis / Data Processing / Data Visualization

Making computers learn / Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence / NLP / Data Mining

Shaping the Web / Complex Web Development / Python-Django / Flask Development / Process Automation

We are AICOS

A team created to support the growing complexity of diverse organizations who need someone (read: us) who can understand the value of their business and help them grow.

And people not only understanding machines, but understanding your needs, desires and values.

We take scientific methods and knowledge to business grounds, which means we don´t say it is possible, we just make it possible.

Living a #computerlife

We are a group of people in pursuit of excellence that's why we are constantly learning, researching and expanding the boundaries of Science and Industry.

We are closely linked to the Open Source Community and academic fields, which lead us to enhance the social impact and generate sustainable relationships between our team, the client and the community.

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making computers learn

Turning the thinking, learning and understanding capabilities of machines into a tool that can be used to your users', other machines', and your own benefit:

  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Data Mining
  • Artificial Intelligence

shaping the web

Bringing your idea to see the light of day. Watch the face of your business interacting with your users if you are a Cooperative, Enterprise or Startup.

  • Complex web development
  • Process automation
  • Python / Django / Flask Development

data culturized

Transforming big volumes of unintelligible and disperse data into visible information.

  • Data extraction
  • Data analysis
  • Data processing
  • Data Visualization

( Solutions )

They found the missing piece. This is what makes us really proud. Just saying...

An on-demand digital platform that simplify cooperation.

AICOS is a platform that enables full tracked management of all the resources of cooperatives. It combines the use of USSD, a Mobile application and a website to facilitate operational activities such as online registration, management accounting, communication, filing reports and data processing.

Members of the cooperative will be able to have direct access of timely information of activities undertaken by decision makers of their cooperatives. Information including reports of decisions made through the top management meetings will be transmitted via sms, web posts and through the mobile application.

Complex Web Development Flask Python MySQL

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Small recap

Watermarking images on Django sites

Techniques to generate visible and invisible watermarks using Pillow and django-imagekit
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